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A proposal to

the nation

Our children deserve hope, optimism and dignity

Despite our country’s polarized politics, almost all of us agree on one thing: Our kids must be able to find jobs upon completing their education. Because without meaningful work, how does a young person build a foundation of experience, self-respect, and the ability to raise and support a family?

A group of us in Montana decided to see what it would take to change that. We began by assessing our strengths and weaknesses in preparing our youth for meaningful work. Educators, business-people, leaders of non-profits, religious, trade union and civic organizations, federal and state staff, and concerned citizens came together. We worked for months, asking questions, seeking answers and putting together the pieces of the puzzle. Our research led to 9 core recommendations aimed at keeping all our kids on the educational ladder through high school, plus a year or more of National Service (civilian or military), apprenticeship or college. Everything we propose has been proven to work. We simply have not used these tools widely enough, as a state or nation.

Executive summary
Full proposal
Our approach - mobilize the great potential of a truly collaborative community
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