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"My mentor taught me to believe in myself."

"I learned how to be a contributing member of a team.”


"I learned how to positively work with difficult customers."

"I learned how to advocate for myself and to be more confident.”

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"I learned so much about joining the workforce."

"I learned how to manage time and how to deal with and solve problems."

"I am proud of how hard I worked this summer."

"I learned how to navigate professional relationships."

2019 - 2022 Summer Jobs Program Impacts

Students - we have served over 140 students

  • 96% would recommend the program to others

  • 100% said they learned something about themselves or work skills

  • 99% of said they positively contributed to the organizations where they worked

  • 91% learned something new about their job or career options

  • 88% said they learned something new from their mentors

  • 81% of our students said they practiced employability skills that were new or uncomfortable


  • 100% said their student employees practiced soft skills at work such as time management, communication, and problem solving

  • 95% said Summer Jobs Program students positively contributed to their organization

  • 96% want to participate as host employers again



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Collaboration Success

  • 113 adult mentors have volunteered hundreds of hours of time to support students

  • 100+ local employers have offered to provide opportunities for students

  • The program has expanded beyond the pilot in Helena. AJAY MT now also supports the program in Butte, Anaconda, Flathead region, and Yellowstone County.

  • 12 organizations, five colleges, and dozens of high schools are involved in implementing the program in five different regions.

In 2022, we surveyed students who participated in the program 2019-2021 to see how they were doing one to three years after completing the program.

81% agreed that the summer jobs program increased their confidence in the workforce

29% continued their jobs after they completed the Summer Jobs Program

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