guiding principles

AJAY-MT’s role is to

  1. Energize and facilitate creative “cross boundary” collaboration among community stakeholders, including the sharing of best practices,

  2. Stimulate enhanced support for effective existing programs, and

  3. Encourage and assist schools, civic groups and employers to provide opportunities for enhancing life and work skills through in-school learning, community service, summer employment, work-based training and living-wage employment.


Access to meaningful work is the most reliable way to ensure dignity for young people, their families and communities.


A skilled, confident and competitive workforce begins with the healthy upbringing of each child.  It requires a network of support to develop essential social skills, principled critical thinking and a deep work ethic.


In today’s fast-changing world, improving the early lives, life skills and job opportunities for youth is essential and requires creative, active engagement by all members of the community – voluntary mentors, schools, businesses, labor unions, civic-, service- and faith-based organizations, and representative government.


Each community is in the best position to know its key strengths, important weaknesses and aspirations. As such, it will be in the “driver’s seat” of this effort.


Although the community serves as the foundation for change in America, AJAY believes that communities also require strong and passionate advocates who pursue common sense state and federal policies that incentivize AJAY’s vision for America.