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In 2017-2019, AJAY MT operated under the fiscal umbrella of the nonprofit Friends of Francis. In August 2019, AJAY MT received its own 501(c)(3) status.

Our expenses are low because our small staff and our efforts are magnified through our collaborative partnerships in Montana's communities.

Annual report 2022

Read about the Summer Jobs Program expansion, new partnerships, and the power of collaboration

Annual report 2021

Read about our program impacts, program growth, and new initiatives

Annual report 2020

Read about ​​our strategic focus, an update on our collaborative programs, capacity-building workshops, and more

Annual report 2018-2019

Read about our community-based solutions and student employment programs

FY 2021 Form 990

FY 2020 Form 990 

Note: We received a grant in 2019 that was transferred to a partner organization in 2020.

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