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Board of Directors

Callie Aschim
Helena Area Chamber of Commerce
"I am committed to AJAY MT because our youth is key
to the success of our workforce."

Cullen Gilbreath
Reach Higher Montana
"I am committed to AJAY MT because it is creating opportunities for Montana's youth and meeting workforce development challenges.”

David Morine
Haws-KM, PA
 "I am passionate about AJAY MT because strong communities
depend on strong and talented youth.”

Katie Whitmoyer
Woods Powr Grip
“I am committed to AJAY MT because it is important to cultivate
as many opportunities as possible for our youth to help them be
as successful as they are capable of in their lives, and in turn be productive members of our communities.”

Mike Veselik
City of Bozeman
"I am passionate about AJAY MT because it is our obligation to build the ladder to success for the generation behind us, not to pull it up after we have reached the top. AJAY MT is building the ladder to opportunities for young people in our state to find meaningful work and develop the skills for success throughout their careers and as active members of their communities.”

We hold a special place in our hearts for Brian Kahn, the founder of American Jobs for America's Youth Montana. Thank you for your vision, Brian.
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