American Jobs for America's Youth, Montana  (AJAY MT) is a
501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt organization (#84-2066548).

AJAY MT collaborates with Montana communities and connects a network of
statewide change leaders working to improve the lives of
current and future generations of Montana's youth.


our mission

​Foster life and work skills in youth through collaboration among communities, schools, citizen mentors and employers.
our VISIOn

Every high school junior, senior, and recent graduate has access to mentoring and the opportunity to obtain internships and jobs with community employers in order to improve social skills, life skills, and employment prospects.

our values
  • We work to ensure that honesty, integrity, and equity are foremost as we work with partners and serve communities.
  • Our youth are our most valuable asset.
  • Our youth make the world a better place if given equitable opportunities to thrive in an inclusive environment.
  • Fulfilling our commitment to our children makes us better human beings.
  • Informed stakeholder engagement is essential for a thriving community and healthy children.

our strategies

In order to achieve our vision of all young Montanans having access meaningful work and professional support, AJAY MT employs a variety of strategies:

  • Connect mentors and students who will work together to nurture the student’s social and work skills, self-esteem, and work ethic

  • Collaborate with partners to provide students with meaningful early work opportunities

  • Strengthen professional development opportunities for students in order to provide communities with a sustainable pipeline of valuable employees

  • Build capacity in schools and communities to educate, support, and mentor young Montanans