American Jobs for America's Youth, Montana  (AJAY MT) collaborates with communities in Montana to build life and work skills for the 21st century. AJAY MT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt organization (#84-2066548) connecting a network of statewide change leaders working to improve the lives of current and future generations of Montana's youth.

In order to achieve our Vision of providing access to meaningful work for young Montanans, AJAY MT employs a variety of strategies:

Mobilize Communities At the heart of AJAY MT's strategy for success is mobilizing each community to design and implement a Community Action Plan (CAP) that addresses educational disparities, promotes mentoring, work ethic and self esteem, and trains young people for careers that provide living and family wages.

Promote Best Practices and Exemplary Programs In the multi-year survey of existing exemplary programs and practices throughout Montana (see the Executive Summary and Full Report for details), the research teams identified a multitude of amazing programs impacting the lives of children from cradle to career. The issue is reach and access. Our objective is to connect communities with examples of great programs and to help them develop similar services of their own.

Highlight the Power of Creative Collaboration It's no secret that resources are limited in our great state, but at AJAY MT, we believe that the way to overcome limitations is to creatively collaborate, de-isolate, and pool our talents to achieve our ambitious, vital vision for Montana. AJAY MT is helping to highlight the power of creative collaboration by providing technical and organizational support and connecting people across Montana who are committed to ensuring a strong start for our youth.


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